Just Care Less.

New outlook on life

So, July is almost over and I honestly can’t believe how quick it has passed. I have somehow worked for 3 and a half weeks and have broken up for the summer. I have to admit that after yesterday’s ‘bored’ post, I have become a little determined to make the most of my summer. I spent most of the day yesterday prepping for my classroom, so that it’s out of the way and I can do whatever I want to next week :)

<3 I have also decided that I am going to have a go at a radical self-love journal. It sounds a lot more hardcore than it actually is, but I thought it might be fun and it might give me the extra push that I need, ready for September. It’s all quite exciting :)

<3 Being a huge Matilda, Mrs Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street fan, I was really interested when I found this article via Gala Darling.

<3 Fashion wise, I have been stalking the usuals again. Haha! Although I could never afford her clothes, I still absolutely adore Sandra’s clothes (and hair, and bags, and sunglasses, and nail colours, and, of course, SHOES!) from 5 inch and up. She always looks so gorgeous and I love that she still manages to put her own spin on things. What I wouldn’t give to have that talent to just be able to put a lovely outfit together. I must learn how to do all the funky plaits that she does. I must.

<3 I also love Kandee Johnson’s short hair. I know that I haven’t mentioned her for a while , and if I’m honest, I wasn’t too sure about it when she first got it cut off and bleached blonde, but I actually love it now. (She also did a video on ‘how to get flawless skin’ which was pretty good too!) I also love Emeli Sandé and her retro hair, since seeing her at Wireless Festival a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing and I actually would love to be pretty enough to pull of such a hair-do, but I’m afraid I may look like a boy haha!

Well, I realise that this isn’t my usual sot of blog, but there were a lot of bits and pieces that I wanted to share with all of you, so I thought I would just put them all together. I hope I have inspired you to start a radical self-love bible, go shopping and not become a ‘child star’ – it’s a bit late for me. Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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