Summer; how will you remember it?

summerSummer; how will you remember it?

This morning I have woken up in an ‘I want to change everything about myself’ mood. Most of the time, I hate it when this happens because the things I want to change are unrealistic and, secretly, I know that they will never happen. To tell you all the truth, I’m a bit scared of looking like a boring teacher. So, I am going to try my best to avoid becoming just that. I am quite tempted to make myself a dress, and with a dressmaker Mum and a sister who can make this in one afternoon, I think it could just work. Although saying this, I have never made anything in my entire life.

largeDo it for you.

Yesterday I bought new tyres to go on my bike, so, hopefully, I can go cycling around places, which will save me some money and get me fit over the summer. So, it’s all systems go. I just need to find some good cycle routes now, where the drivers won’t try and put me in a ditch.

I would also like to get back to some sort of craft-iness, so I think that I will start off by making everyone’s Christmas cards this year. I done it a few years ago, when I wasn’t working and had a lot more time, but I think that if I get started early on, I could make them look really pretty. I always think that Christmas Cards are a present all by themselves because someone has taken the time to sit and make them. I might also have a go at making some of my friends presents, we’ll have to wait and see.

I have lots to get started on and I really want to fit in as much as possible in these few weeks off before school started properly.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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