‘Don’t you worry…’

So, I thought that it would be nice to do a bit of a ‘outfit help’ blog. Like all girls, I wake up most mornings and decide that I have nothing to wear regardless of the fact that I have three wardrobes of clothes. So I thought that maybe this will help you for some ideas, or just to get new outfits out of what you already have. All photos were taken from weheartit.com

1Lana Del Rey – Such gorgeous make up and I love her huge necklace too!

2Love, love, LOVE this outfit :)

3Leopards and LV.

4Kors and skulls.

5I would love to be able to wear this ouritfit. It’s fricking lovely!

6Neon, Sinners & Aztec.

There are some lovely bits and pieces on the internet at the moment. Lavish Alice, Boohoo and Desire Clothing are all some of my favourites. I am loving all the high-waisted trousers and shorts this year – they are just nicer and look a lot more elegant than ones that are hanging on for dear life. Obviously some look nice, I just don’t like the baggy ones with people flashing their bum cheeks. Lol.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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