The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris.

booksBooks are good for the soul.

So, I have finished another book. After ‘The Great Gatsby’, I needed a light and fun story that would put my faith back into books again. Jenny Colgan’s, ‘The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris’ totally did that J It was such a good read and although it took me a little bit longer than I would have liked it to, I really did enjoy it. There is a continuous will they, won’t they storyline hidden beneath a lot of drama and depth, which made it such a good read.

Anna Trent’s character was undoubtedly the main character of the story with her adventure of travelling to Paris for a ‘new start’ and a chance to get back to ‘normal’ after an accident which left her in hospital for a little while. However, in my opinion, the best character was that of her French Teacher, Claire. She told her entire life story within this book and it all slowly began to slot intot place and link to each part of the story. It was really, really well written, and I have to say that I am tempted to buy another of Colgan’s books as I didn’t realise she was such a well-known writer.

Onto the next one…

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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