The British Museum & Why Museums are AWESOME!

P1000488The British Museum – with lots of tourists!

On Thursday, I headed off to The British Museum in London’s Russell Square. I have been here before and I was still a little bit unsure of what was actually there on display, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were so many rooms that I hadn’t seen and hadn’t really thought were there before, so it made it a really brilliant day out. We took packed lunches and drinks etc. so it was also a really cheap day out and although we went to Covent Garden and Oxford Street afterwards, I only spent the money I paid for my train fare all day.

P1000518The beautiful glass roof (with pigeons)!

The British Museum is set a little bit away from the ‘typical’ London Museums such as The Victoria & Albert Museum (my favourite) and the Natural History Museum, which is right next door. However, it is well worth a trip this summer. There were so many interesting artefacts on display and, although the exhibitions are around £15 to go to, they look really interesting and could also be worth a visit. We decided to have a mooch and see what was there so we visited the Ancient Egypt room, the Africa room, the Greek room, the Roman room and a few others. We also had a quick look in the gift shop, jewellery shop and the bookshop. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a sketchbook, so I couldn’t do any drawings, but I took a heap of pictures instead.

P1000526Mummified body.

P1000530Non-mummified body.

I really enjoyed the Ancient Egypt room, with its hieroglyphics, mummies, tomb information and huge sculptures. It was a real eye-opener and I came to realise that I actually really liked the bones and skeletons and seeing how they had been preserved over the hundreds of years. It was pretty fascinating to see bodies that had been mummified and the bodies that were now simply a pile a bones. The mummified bodies looked almost life-like with skin, toe nails (‘DEAD MAN’S TOE!’) and even slight personalities to them. Weird really.

P1000531So pretty.

P1000538Me, Mum and Terri.

After visiting the Museum for most of the day, we decided to have a walk down to Covent Garden and have a wonder (& a McFlurry), before catching a bus (Number 13) down to Oxford Street, or more importantly, Selfridges! Haha! I fricking love that shop, but just wish I could go in there and buy things more often. One day it will happen, I am sure of it. Would be nice to do my Christmas shopping in there – haha!

P1000563When I got home, the moon looked gorgeous!

I really had a lovely day, and if you’re a little stuck of what to do this summer, a museum is ALWAYS a good call! I have always loved them from an early age, but I think that it’s important to show children that these things actually happened and actually existed. You never know, it could spark of a real interest in something, and that’s always good!

I am off to V Festival at Chelmsford today – I have never been before, but there are loads of amazing acts performing and with BEYONCÉ headlining it’s bound to be FRICKING AWESOME! Have a fabulous Saturday and I will speak to you soon.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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