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This week I have been planning for all I am worth and I needed some amazing tunes to get me through it all. I literally can’t stop listening to these and I thought that I would share them with you, in case you are trying to work or get something done and need some motivation tunes. They’re also great for work outs.

#1: Tinie Tempah feat. 2 Chainz – Trampoline

I totally forgot how awesome this dude was. He has had quite a big break away from his music to concentrate on his fashion label, but I am so happy that he is back! I think that he is so inventive and he seems to literally not care how people judge his music, he’s beats are awesome and he just releases it. Pretty cool.

#2: Jay Z – Tom Ford

After buying his latest album; ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’, I hve become even more obsessed with Jay Z than I was before. He has even topped his wife Beyoncé, who I saw on Saturday at the V Festival. I feel like he totally lives music and whenever I watch him in interviews or shows or documentaries or whatever, he is so intelligent and a complete and utter genius when it comes to writing and talking about music.

#3: Katy Perry – Roar.

I have liked quite a few of Katy Perry’s songs, but I think that after ‘California Girls’, she become a bit too ‘poppy’ for me and her songs began to not make much sense. I actually really like this song though and literally can’t get it out of my head lol.

#4: Jessie J – It’s my party.

I know that my sister isn’t going to appreciate me saying this, but I actually like every single song of hers. I also saw her at V Festival on Saturday and she can SING! Like, I think it’s possible that she sounds better live than she does on her CD. I am quite excited for her new album, ‘Alive’ which is coming out soon.

#5: Ellie Goulding – Burn

With this tune going straight to number 1 on the iTunes charts, I kind of love it. I think that it is so catchy, but I do really, really like her music. When she first came out, I couldn’t stand that starry eyed song as it was played over and over and over again until I was completely sick of it, but overall, she is really talented.

#6: Beyoncé – Schoolin’ life.

This is an oldie, but a goodie. I first heard it during the credits of her ‘Life is but a dream’ documentary and I had to track it down, but it such a tune! It’s great in the mornings to blast out on your way to work, or when you are in the shower haha! It’s definitely worth a download :)

Anyway, here’s some of the tunes I have been listening to, if you have any good suggestions for my ‘Good Mood’ playlist, please feel free to comment below and share. ANY suggestions are totally welcome – I’m going to try and broaden my musical horizons haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


3 thoughts on “Press Play…

    1. Hey!! I just found it on youtube. I wasn’t sure at the beginning, but I actually really like it! Hope you had an awesome time at Reading! Thanks for the comment x

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