Dreadlocks & Memories

1Absolutely gorgeous! – and her eyebrows are pretty good too!

One of my early childhood memories is of me and my Mum walking into a clothes shop. We were looking around when the girl who worked there came over to see if we were okay. She was super skinny and had a deep, dark tan. She also had bright blonde (almost white) dreadlocks. I honestly thought she looked stunning. As we left the shop, I asked Mum what they were, how you done them etc. etc.

Since then, I have wanted dreadlocks and while taking my art foundation diploma (some years ago now), I was heavily set on getting them, however, had an interview for LCF (London College of Fashion) and decided to go against it, not knowing the type of ‘fashion’ that they would be looking for. I have sort of regretted it since; I am actually a bit of a hippy at heart and would love to be able to pull off all of what I like it my head. Unfortunately, my now job, and just general day-to-day life has stopped me so far, so I am going to fight back with a little rebellion. (Ha!)

2Blonde hair & blue eyes.

While in Camden the other day, I bought myself a pink, plaited dreadlock. It’s gorgeous. It has ribbon all around the plait and is the brightest pink I could find. I decided to get the slightly thicker one, as I felt that the thinner ones looked a little like the braids that I used to get in my hair on holiday. I love it! I think it’s totally me and the lady who I bought it from was so lovely that she showed me ways to attach and detach it for school without harming my hair underneath. This one dreadlock could go one of two ways though – it could be a little rebellion and keep me satisfied with just this one, or, as my sister said, it could be a gateway to even more – haha! If I were to dreadlock all of my hair, this is absolutely stunning! 

I absolutely love it, and as I have a week left of school, I thought I would share it with you. Have you always wanted a dreadlock? Or a whole head of dreadlocks? Or something a bit weird that you thought you couldn’t do because of ‘life’ or your job? Hopefully, this post will inspire you to go and do it – YOLO, and all that :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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