Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical

showbiz-charlie-chocolate-factory-production-stills-2The amazing staged gates into the factory.

So, last night as a goodbye/enjoy Edinburgh/you got a first/graduation present to my sister, Terri, we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre in London. It was absolutely incredible! The staging was insane and I still can’t work out how they did some of the things. They managed to have me in fits of laughter at times and then it would be really heartfelt and lovely a moment later. The talent from the children who played the famous ticket winners was so incredible and I can’t believe that Charlie was only 11 years old. He sang, acted and danced so well and it was as though the audience didn’t even faze him. Amazing.

Although this is the most I have ever paid for a theatre ticket, it was totally worth it. I searched for about some good tickets for about a week, which if you are thinking of going, I would recommend. It was a little confusing as the price that we paid for our seats in the stalls could be found on other websites; however the seats were in the heavens. The seats were absolutely fabulous as they were bang in the middle of the stage and we didn’t miss a thing.

showbiz-charlie-chocolate-factory-production-stills-3‘Want to change the world?’ – Willy Wonka

My favourite part was definitely the part were the ticket winners were introduced to the audience via a massive television screen that Charlie had to hold the ariel up for while Mr Bucket peddled to generate the electricity. Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt and Mike Teevee were amazing and they played they’re parts really, really well. However, Grandpa Joe, played by Nigel Planer, was also one of my favourites with his witty lines and funny jokes.

I can’t explain how good this musical was and as I have said, yes the tickets are expensive, but when you see the amount of staging and special effects and production that has into it, it is worth absolutely every single penny.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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