Filofax: Ideas & Crafts

So, a little while, I was bought my very first filofax and I blogged about it! I knew that filofaxes were quite funky and a bit quirky, so, I thought that I would share how I’m getting on with it all so far. I have become slightly obsessed haha!

P1000659Dates & plannings…

So, first thing is first, if you are also new to ‘filfaxing’, you need to buy yourself some nice coloured pens to write in your dates and appointments. It makes all of the difference and really breaks up the page, so that it is easier to read and go through one day at a time.

I also bought a plain (and really boring) page divider thingy that lets you swap each week, so that it easier to find your week you’re at. This is literally just some jazzy paper that I had laying around in my roon that I have double-sided stuck to the ruler and then just punched hole punches into it. It is a pretty easy and quick way to jazz up your filofax when you first get it :)

P1000661Dividers and jam packed papers.

So, as well as my funky ruler that I made, I decided to make some funky dividers too. The paper was in the same set of papers as the ruler, so didn’t cost me anything extra, and I did exactly the same thing using double-sided sticky tape and trimming around the edges. They look really effective and they would look really good with photographs too, as well as collages and anything else you might want to add.

I also suggest that you make a little ‘if this filofax is found, please return to:’ page. Mine is Moomin inspired, but obviously you can choose whatever inforation and images that you want to add to make your filofax as personalised as you would like :)

P1000662There’s no shame in getting creative.

Although some people may think that it is a bit ‘sad’ to decorate your filofax, I couldn’t disagree more. I love it when it’s all colourful and there’s drawings etc. and, you have to admit, it’s makes it more fun. Luckily, I have the time to do it all at the moment, I have a horrible feeling that it will become scribbles and last-minute additions when I start school in September haha!

I hope you have got some good idas, not just for filofax people, but for diary people too. It’s realy fun having a filofax and I feel like my life is so more organised since having it. I will defintely be using it once I start school as I know my brain will turn into mush haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


5 thoughts on “Filofax: Ideas & Crafts

  1. I love the handmade ruler and dividers! They are adorable and such a cute idea! Filofax accessories are so expensive so what a great way to create very personal Filofax without spending loads! I’m hoping to get a Filofax for Christmas so I’ll keep these ideas in mind!

  2. I really need to make new dividers for my Filofax I still have the plain manila ones it came with! I just can’t seem to decide which papers to use! Yours are absolutely divine though!

  3. I have just discovered this new world of filo-faxing and am just beginning to get mine together. I love what you’ve done with yours so far. I have been hitting up Pinterest for ideas :)

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