Life Update.

I have a rather massive apology to make. I haven’t been blogging as much as usual and the truth is that teaching has taken over a little bit. I have been so busy with my 10 hour days and then by the time I get in, I start my marking, eat my dinner and go to bed. It’s actually really frustrating for me because I have never been a ‘live to work’ kind of person. I work to get the money together to do whatever I like, but this is different. I have so much to set up and I know it’s because it’s all new. It’s just all a bit overwhelming. I promise I will try and blog a little bit more, because I really do love it, I just don’t want it all to be about school and become boring to all you non-teacher folk.

Tomorrow, I am starting a bit of a health kick. I have been out and bought a huge amount of fruit and vegetables, planned dinners and even decided that I am going to try and do some exercise at the weekends. I am actually really looking forward to it because I need to concentrate on something other than school. It’ll also help me to lose a little bit of weight and get back on track really. So, I will keep you updated.

This weekend has been super manic. I have had an insane amount of marking and sticking and making things, but I have also had my sister’s best friend’s wedding reception. It was so good and Brooke looked absolutely beautiful. Her dress was stunning and they make such a lovely couple. They are so, so happy and are now on their honeymoon. I wish them all the happiness in the whole wide world :)

Anyway, I will be trying my best to speak to you soon, please still love me. (Ha!)

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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