Hello October Q&A!

ooHello October!!

So, it’s October. Fianlly. I know that this is my first blog for October, but it’s still the first week, so I’m all okay to write a blog for October still lol… I survived my first ever month as a teacher! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone to be honest. I have met most of the parents, got to know all of my children in my class and generally how the school runs. Next week it’s parents evening, so it’s a bit more pressure, but hey, what difference will it make?

I thought it would be fune to do a sort out Q&A thing on teaching. Never done one before and I thought it might be fun! :)

What parts of teaching have you enojyed the most?

Erm, probably the feeling of being part of a team. I love working with the people I do and I also love that my class is beginning to really ‘fit’. They seem to be learning and are always asking me questions. It’s such a good feeling when they all get it too! Haha!

What parts of teaching have you not enjoyed?

Easy question haha – the amount of paperwork. I don’t mind the planning, in fact I kind of enjoy it because then I know what I’m doing and what I need to get sorted before I teach etc. However, I’m talking about the amount of papers that are done to just go in a folder and never be seen again. Maybe a little bit pointless? lol… oh and thinking you’ve done everything and then there’s a pile/post-it note left on your desk the next morning for something else haha!

What has been your best bit so far?

Erm, I loved doing my first ‘Big Write’ which was on Roald Dahl characters. The children had to choose their favourite and write about them, and I basically just taught and then put Matilda on – haha!

Would you recommend teaching to others?

Yes, I would! It’s really hard and sheer amount of effort it takes to not lose it at the children is really difficult lol… but, I love it! I love that I can have a conversation with them and I’m not watching the clock all day. I get to work and I get going, and I love that.

Whata advice would you give other NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers)?

I would say, don’t let it take over. It’s really easy to not stop and just carry on becasue there is always something that you could be doing. But, this isn’t needed. You need to try and have a life too.

I am hoping that October will be full of even more awesomeness. It’s nearly Christmas, I graduate, I have my first break as a teacher,  have my first school trip and I get to see my lovely Uni people!! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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