Autumn/Winter & Thinking Ahead.


…And so, it is finally winter. I do love winter and everything about it, and this year will be my first year of Christmas in a school, where we can watch Christmas films, send Christmas cards and re-arrange our classroom to make room for the Christmas tree. However, one thing I don’t love is the dakr morning. I am finding it harder and harder to get out of bed, especially when in my brain, it is still time for sleep. Haha!!

Another thing that has changed is my wardrobe. It seems to be physically impossible to find anything warm that I can wear to work and run around in. I am on the hunt for my new jumpers and some nice tailored trousers, but of course, there’s more fashion related things to worry about; Graduation.


October is the month of my graduation. I have bought my tickets, registered, but am yet to order my cap and gown and buy my graduation dress and shoes. I want something classic, but that I could possible re-wear. I often buy dresses and never wear them again, but I am planning on buying myself a nice one, so it’ll be nic to re-wear it for Christmas or something and get my money’s worth. Do any of you know any good shops that have had some lovely dresses in lately? I don’t want anything too wintery but it is going to be outside, and it is going to be at the end of October, so if you have any advice please help me out :)

I literally cannot wait for half term. I can catch up on my reading as I have been too sleepy to do any. I can see people, I can make sure that I am all organised and ready to go back for the Christmas term. It’s all very exciting, but also a bit worrying at how quickly these past 5 weeks have gone already!! I have my first observation on Tuesday, so fingers crossed it’ll go okay. It’s all a bit scary when the observation is thrown at you though haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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