‘I need to start realising this.’


Sometimes, you have to step back for you to realise what you can do. I sometimes think that a lot of the time, I don’t always appreciate the things around me. I have been working really hard lately and although it’s my NQT year, I don’t want this to be how my life becomes. Truth is, I have never had to put anything before what I want to do before and it’s getting a bit difficult to carry on doing that. So far in my life, I have had shop jobs or summer jobs where I can phone in sick for a day off or clock off dead on time to get out on time, or whatever, but this isn’t the case anymore and I’m struggling a little bit.

I am the most comfortable that I have ever been, money wise, so I am pledging a promise to myself to start spending my time and money how I want to. I have made ‘wish lists’ forever, but now I have a chance to actually go and see stuff and buy things and do things that I couldn’t necessarily before. I am a very lucky girl. So, as of tonight, right now, I am going to start putting time aside, spending time with my friends, seeing more of people, and not hesitating about treating myself to something I have wanted for a little while. I work fricking hard. I need to start realising this.

I am planning on having the best Christmas ever! So hopefully, I will have a lot happening and I will be able to stick to my pledge. This is all kind of like a New Years Resolution, only earlier. I like it.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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