‘Something I that I am a little bit guilty of doing.’


Carrying on with my unintentional theme of this week; I have discovered the Dare/Dream/Do program that has been put together than none than Galadarling. As you know, I really love her and I think that her passion for life is incredible. She seems to always be positive, always ‘catch the moment’ and never make excuses and wait around for ‘the right moment’ – something I that I am a little bit guilty of doing. So, I really think that this might work. I am going to have a read though and see exactly how it works, but the idea of actually feeling better and getting some energy about life back seems pretty appealing if you ask me.

On a slightly different note: Fashion. I absolutely love Sandra’s outfit from 5 inch and up. It is gorgeous. So classic and so wearable and I would feel very happy wearing this. I particularly love the shoes – how gorgeous are they?!? Anyone wanna buy them for me?!? I will love you forever!?

I have also found this lovely new blog. Not new as in ‘new’ but new as in new to me; It’s ‘Hello Fashion’. It is lovely and the outfits are insanely gorgeous. I can definitely see that as I am getting older, my style is changed slightly. I do still love a good Elmo in a Brooklyn cap jumper (I bought this last weekend and am wearing it right now) , but overall I do love the more classic outfits that I see people wearing. So long as I don’t lose my style completely and become teacher all the time, I’ll be thankful.

Anyway, more to come. I hope you’re enjoying my ‘feel better about yourself week’.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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