What a shocking day!!

fingerprintsToday has literally gone from bad to worse. From forgetting my work and having to drive back home to get it when I was half way to school, to being told that I needed to have a ‘Office Wall’ photo taken today (I was in no fit state to be photographed) to finding out that a corrupt file has wiped my entire photo folder and all 7 weeks of school work on my pen drive, to driving to PC World to fix it, only to be told that the man wasn’t in today to being told that I was far too young to be teaching by a Parent who was 3 weeks late for her Parent’s Evening. What a shocking day!

Right now, I am sitting surrounded by what feels like loads of leads and flash drives and Bluetooth dongles and cameras and cases and cables as I was trying to save some of what I had lost earlier (Is it bad that the thing I was most upset about was indeed my Rolling Stones pictures?!? – Sod the 7 weeks worth of planning and assessing! Haha!), however I am now ready to go to bed with a gigantic cup of tea and forget all about this horrid day. Tomorrow will be a lot better and I can honestly say that I am going to try and turn it all around.

One bad day does not equal a bad week. I won’t let it.

Peace and love (and quite a lot of computer hatred), Polly May xx

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