Graduation – Class of 2013

So, I have had an absolutely amazing week this week. It’s my first half term and I definitely needed the break to feel human again. I can honestly say I had had enough and although I have had some school work to do, I have had a fabulous time so far. The first and most official thing that’s happened to me this week is that I Β GRADUATED!! I had a lovely day and luckily the 86mph winds that were forecast held off long enough for me to have my cap and gown moment, get my degree certificate and generally really enjoy myself. It’s weird to think that it’s all completely over, but I did have a lovely day and I absolutely loved wearing my big square hat – I didn’t want to give it back!! Haha!

I thought I would share some of the pictures from my day with you all. I can’t quite believe that I actually done it. I actually worked hard and got the grade I wanted for my degree. Insane.

Peace and love, Polly May xx












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