Bonnie Edinburgh


After graduation, I went back to Edinburgh with my sister for a couple of days as I haven’t been yet. She moved there in September to do her Masters Degree and half term has been the first time to book my tickets, pack my bag and Β go and visit.



The city is absolutely lovely. We visited The Scott Monument, which was actually insanely narrow at the top and we nearly got stuck in the spiral staircase. The views from the top were absolutely incredibly and although it was freezing cold and extremely windy – the views were totally worth it!! Once we had made our way all the way down to the bottom again, we heading off to see Edinburgh Castle, which was actually really pretty.

Afterwards, we went to the Gladstone House, which is a house that has been preserved since the 17th Century and was full of interesting history and information about living, the class systems, jobs and the general way that people used to live in those days. It was fascinating to see actual shoes that people would wear to dodge the rubbish in the road and the way that the house was gradually divided and extended.


Then, Tuesday night, we headed off to see Bastille and The Picturehouse in Edinburgh city. We were super lucky because my sister got the tickets for the sold-out tour free through seatwave. They were amazing!! So incredible and Dan Smith is incredibly hot, but I will be doing a special post all about the show itself.


Then, Thursday we headed to the National Gallery of Scotland, before heading to The Edinburgh Dungeons. I was actually quite anxious about going as I had heard that people jump out at you and things in the London one, but it was really interesting and full of gruesome history facts. There was a boat ride that was pitch black and I didn’t cry and then we were all hung on a drop ride at the end – it was so good and the photo we had taken was hilarious.

Lastly, we had a quick mooch around the shops before going to The Filling Station for dinner, which was lovely and filling, then it was off to Edinburgh Airport to catch my plane home. I had a lovely couple of days and although I needed the break, I also loved catching up with my sister and seeing her new city. It’s a lovely place and I am sure I will be back soon.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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