Bastille at The Picture House, Edinburgh!


So, while I was in Edinburgh, my extremely lucky sister was able to get tickets for the sold-out Bastille tour thanks to seatwave.Β I hadn’t seen them live before, but I had their ‘Bad Blood’ album and I love their ‘Pompeii’ song (Aah aah oh, ah oh, aah aah oh, ah oh…), so I was super excited to be able to see them in the flesh.


I was feeling quite ill on route to the venue, but I was determined to warm up and have a fabulous time, so all dosed up on lemon and honey lemsip, we headed to The Picture House in Edinburgh. We missed Swiss Lips’ performance by a thread, but after throwing our stuff in the cloakroom we managed to see Dan Croll, who was actually really good! I loved their ‘I’m up, then I’m down, I’m in, thn I’m out and I’m on my way’ song!


They opened the show with ‘Bad Blood’, which is by far my favourite song on the entire album, followed by ‘Things we lost in the fire’ and ‘Overjoyed’. The latter I was not so keen on, but after seeing Dan Smith sing it live, I totally love it!! ‘Oblivion’ actually gave me goosebumps – it’s another one of my favourites on the album, but the words are lovely. He is so insanely talented and his piano playing is incredible. I feel in love with him right there and then!

Mid-performance, Dan put his hoodie on and made his way into the crowd, up the stairs and along the balcony and down the stairs right in front of us, all while performing ‘Flaws’. Bastille are literally insane last and they are so much more talented than they are given credit for. You listen to them on your iPod and you think, ‘yeah, they’re alright’, but live, they are INCREDIBLE!



As well as performing most of the ‘Bad Blood’ album, they also played some new songs, which I have tried to find online but have been unsuccessful so far. ‘Campus’ was definitely my favourite, but I have already put their new album on my Christmas list.

For the encore, they performed ‘Get home’, as well as their new single ‘Of The Night’ and their absolute tune, ‘Pompeii’ which was joined by all of the support acts. It was amazing and one of the best live acts I have seen in a while. Get their album, go and see the live and basically just love them. Haha!!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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