Hello November!


So, in the craziness that is school. I completely forgot to do my ‘November’ post. So, plans for November – As sad as it is my biggest plan for November is for my observations to go well (this week!), I have had one before and it didn’t go too well, so I’m hoping that this weeks’ will be lots better. I have spent the entire weekend prepping all of the paperwork and plan to keep it going in the evenings to stay on top of everything.

It is also the run up to Christmas, so Christmas presents are a must. It’s the first time EVER that I will have decent money coming in at Christmas and I’ve got a feeling that it is going to make the world of difference. I have always manged to buy the things I have wanted to for people, it just means that this year I can be a little bit more generous and try to spoil everyone that means something to me.

This month, I also hope to FINALLY buy myself a car. I have been looking now for about 2 months and I am genuinely shocked by the amount of ugly, no, scrap that, fugly cars there are. Serious, who is designing these cars with massive grills on the front or cars with tiny little wheels and massive ugly bumpers that swamp the entire car?!? Fingers crossed, I will find one that I like this month.

Other than that, I hope that November will be a lot less stressful. I have been teaching for 2 months now and I seriously don’t feel like I have stopped at all. Even on half term, when I wasn’t at my graduation or Edinburgh, I was working. So, I am hoping that I can keep up with the paperwork and be a little bit more happier than I have been. The amount of work has slowly been taking over and I think that it is taking it’s toll.

So, there we have it. What have you got planned for November? Anything exciting? Let me know :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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