Dirty Dancing & General Ranting


So, I haven’t blogged for a little while, so I thought I would give you a little update.

I haven’t been having the best time at work, but I worked really hard over the weekend, so hopefully I am going in the right direction and things will gradually get better… But onto a lighter note…

I had the best weekend that I have had for the little while. I went out and treated myself to far too much on Saturday, before going to London for the day on Sunday to see Dirty Dancing! It was absolutely amazing and I think that it was my favourite. I need to get me to a dance class. The man that played Johnny was insanely muscly – I had to stop myself from dribbling at one point! Haha! And then, he came out in his pants! Seriously! It was so good and the dancing was insane – I mean how did they learn to dance like that?! It must have been so awkward to dance with them before you knew the people that you were working with haha!

I had such a good day – we had a nice wonder around and saw the Christmas lights, which has got me into an insanely Christmassy mood! Today, it’s only 1 month until Christmas – can you believe that?!? I swear it was only the summer like 2 seconds ago. Anyway, the reason it is so shocking is because I haven’t bought one Christmas present! I am normally so organised, so I am going to set some time aside and get going on it. I love Christmas shopping and trying to find something that someone will literally love, and luckily for me this year, I have a grown up job, so I can get all the presents I want this year! YAY!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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