Frozen (Hey, it is Disney!)

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56

So, earlier this week, I went to see Disney’s newest creation, ‘Frozen’. It was quite a spontaneous choice, but it was absolutely amazing! I can’t believe that I would normally not go and see Disney films at the cinema, but it was actually hilarious as there wasn’t one child in the entire screen!

It tells the story of two Sisters, Elsa and Anna. However, Elsa has a hidden secret; she has magical powers. So, she hides herself away to protect her sister for years and years, but eventually her secret is revealed and Elsa runs away into the snowy mountains. Anna goes on a journey to find her sister and return back to save their town from its’ icy predicament. But, of course, there were problems, romance, twists and a bit of laughter along the way; Hey, it is Disney! She meets a ‘ice-seller’ along the way, Kristoff, and his pet reindeer (who’s adorable!), Sven, who help her to find Elsa, in exchange for a new sledge. However, Kristoff has a bit of a secret of his own…

Anyway, it was so good and it was exactly what I needed. I went from being near tears and laughing out loud at Olaf (the snowman created by Elsa). He was actually my favourite character and I think that he totally made the film (if you need to understand why, watch the second video clip below! :)). It was seriously good, and if you’re looking for a feel good film to watch over the holidays, then this is a definitely must see. I loved that it was all about sisters as I get to see mine in 4 days! (Eeep!)

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday,

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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