I been drinking, I been thinking…


So, after seeing Beyoncé at V Festival in the summer, I will completely admit that I did lose a little bit of faith in her. She came across extremely diva-ish and after arriving late and leaving the massive crowd for up to 4 minutes in between each so in the pouring rain, she just wasn’t what I thought she would be. As the people around us left, encouraging others to do the same, I just thought ‘what a shame’. I mean, I know that she can be a brilliant performer (her documentary, ‘Life is but a dream’ proved that’ and that she is obviously extremely talented, but I just feel like she didn’t really adapt her performance for a festival. It seemed to be more suited to her ‘Mrs Carter presents…’ tour. I do still love her, I am just a little bit bummed that I wasn’t as amazed by her in real life as I feel I should have been.

Anyway, as we all know by now, she has released 14 new songs on a brand new album. How she done this I will never know, I mean she had videos, wrote songs, produced them and obviously worked with people who didn’t say a word. Not even one dancer let slip that they had worked with The Queen. Amazing. Anyway, my sister told me about the new previews that were being viewed on youtube, so I did what everyone was doing and went and had a little sneak-peak.


I found it all very un-Beyoncé and wasn’t excited at all, but once I listened some more, I did actually begin to like a few of the songs – in particular ‘Yonce’, ‘Drunk in love’ featuring (cough, my ideal man, cough) Jay Z and ‘Mine’ featuring Drake. I do really like the dance tracks on the album and I think that it is a really good inventive album. It seems to be far more mature and ‘new’ than some of her previous albums. I think that you can really tell that it is a much more personal album and she has looked at the sound that she wants to be known for, and that’s pretty cool.

I am super happy that she decided to release ‘Drunk in love’ as her debut single from the album, because, as you all know, I absolutely adore Jay Z. He is my perfect man and I love that he is completely different to how people who don’t really look that much into what his music is about think of him. I totally love that he believes that music does not have genres, but just good music. Amazing. So, I was over the moon that Beyoncé released ‘Drunk in love’, 10 years after her first duet, ‘Crazy in love’, with her (now) husband.

Anyway, I thought because of her awesomeness and her ability to still be amazing us all with her talent and achievements, she deserved a post and I really wanted to say what I thought of her new sounds. Go onto iTunes, or youtube now and have a listen. She what you think… was the album of your Christmas list or is it going to be a late Christmas present to yourself?

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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