Oxford Street Haul

Oxford StreetAs a ‘end of 2013’ trip, I headed up to London to spend the day with my friend, Briony. Our plan was to go to Winter Wonderland and basically make Christmas last that little bit longer than it had (I also really wanted to win a minion, although I’m not sure how I would have got him home! Lol!). However, when we got out at Marble Arch Station, the rain was just too bad – even with my hats, scarf, gloves, raincoat and hood up. Not ideal.

So, instead of a Christmassy day, we decided to turn it into a shopping, food and cocktails day and done our best to dodge the rain and hop in and out of shops, which is exactly what we did! Here are some of the little bits that I treated myself to…

P1000941This is a lovely little necklace that I bought from Selfridges that was an absolute bargain! How cute is it? I have loved Kandee Johnson’s ‘Supreme’ necklace ever since I started watching her youtube videos, and this is a really similar style. I have worn it so much since I bought it and I love the little gold lightning bolt too!

P1000943And then I walked along to my favourite shop of them all… Forever 21. I had already bought this really cute ‘top of the finger’ ring with a diamond on it from River Island and I wanted all odd ones to go with it. These are so, so cute and were super cheap too! The figure 8 one is so cool, it kind of wraps around your finger and the loops show at the front. I also love the little bow one and conveniently found some little earring studs to match. Perfect! :)

P1000955This earring hook thing is also from Forever 21, but I think that I love it a little bit. It is quite funny to put on and I do need to get the hang out it, but, oh my goodness, I love it! Deep down, I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it :)

P1000958…And lastly. A HUGE thankyou to my friends Tasha and Helen for buying me this awesome mug for my Christmas gift. Not only is it Rolling Stones – already brilliantly awesome – but it also matching my 50 years Rolling Stones T-Shirt that I bought when I went to see them back in 2012. So, thank you. I love it!

Anyway, these were just a few bits and pieces, I also got some trousers, a top and a neon pink dress, which are also all really lovely. Have a lovely day, and pop into Forever 21! They have some seriously loving stuff in at the moment.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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