All things 2014…

2014(1)So, I thought that I would do a little ‘diary post’ this morning as I feel one is well overdue.

2014 has started pretty well and I am keeping to my resolutions! (Woop!!) I took the quite impromptu decision to become a vegetarian rather than just try to eat more vegetables and it seems to be going quite well. I even avoided having my usually double bacon cheeseburger meal in Burger King on Thursday, and instead had their veggie bean burger, which was actually amazing and so, so tasty. Definitely going to become one of my favourites I think :)

I have also started my 365 Project. For those of you that aren’t too sure what this is, there are two ways of completing it. You can either take a picture of yourself every day for an entire year (hence 365), or you can take random ones that represent what you did that day. I have decided to do a bit of a combination of the two and throw in a ‘face picture’ whenever I feel like it. If you would like to keep track of my photos, I decided to add them onto flickr as it was easier and just better for you all to look through, rather than scrolling through all of them. My username is Polly_May90, or you can click on the flickr widget on the right of this blog and it will take you straight there.


Another resolution that I have decided to include for 2014, but not written on my NYR post yet is to make a point of doing something, anything each week. I feel that for the last 3 months or so, my work life has taken over a little bit and I now look back and see that it is completely wrong to ever put work before spending time with the people you love. My ‘one day treat’ won’t necessarily involve having a massive day out or anything like that, it might just be me visiting an exhibition, or going to London for the day. I just need to not let work take over my life. I have never been like that. Ever.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


3 thoughts on “All things 2014…

  1. I love your resolutions! I definitely need to make more ‘me time’ around university and work…I get so bogged down in it all! I’m attempting to take a photo a day too…I’m going for things that represent my day. I think it will be a great way to look back on the year and remember all of the wonderful things that happen! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I really tried to pick ones that I wanted to stick to and the vegetables ones is so much better than gym or eat healthier haha! It’s really good :) Awww, have you got a flickr account for your 365? Would be good to have a look :) Good luck to you too! I hope you’re having a fab 2014 so far!

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