You are more fortunate than you know…


Sometimes, without realising, we have to sit back and just realise how lucky we are. We have many things that others do not and whether you consider yourself to be lucky, or not, you are. You have people that love you, you have friends that choose to spend time with you, you are important to people. You may not own the fastest car, or have the most money, or wear designer clothes, but the truly important things in life that are worth something cannot be measured in pounds and pence.

I once had my palm read with my friend Joana in Covent Garden. It was strange and I had never had anything like this done before. I wasn’t entirely sure if I believed it or not. However, as the man looked closely at the lines and patterns on my palm, he began to speak sense. A lot of what he had to say was completely true and, although he probably realised that I was listening quite intently, the things he was saying had huge relevance at that time in my life.

hand palm reading

As I get older, I am noticing that a lot of the things he said about me are becoming true. Not in a ‘I can see into the future sort of way’, but in a more mature and ‘as time goes on’ sort of way. It’s very difficult to explain, but he honestly did make a lot of sense and the way that I am beginning to see and react to things is very true to what he said.

Unfortunately, I do not have many friends that believe in this type of thing (in fact, I think Joana is my only ‘spiritual’ friend), so it is difficult to return and see if he is still there, or to visit a physic. I just found it interesting that the things that he shared with me have now turned out to be completely true and have some relevance to the way I’m living my life.

If you do decide to visit a palm reader or something similar, my advice to you would be… going with an open mind. Don’t think that they are just going to true and tell you what you want to hear. Take on board the things they are saying as they may not have relevance at the time, but will at some point (probably when you need it more). Lastly, I would definitely take a notebook – that way, you can make a note of the things that they said to you, as if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget. Lol…

I hope this blog has helped you in some way and remember, you are more fortunate than you know.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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