So, I thought it was about time that I wrote a little check-in.

2014 has certainly started with a full force. I have met up with lots of friends, Terri came home for a week (although I didn’t see an awful lot of her), I became obsessed with Zoella and Joe Sugg youtube videos, I became a vegetarian, I had observations at school, oh, and I bought my first car that is totally and completely mine! Every single penny! So, it’s been pretty decent really.

I am quite enjoying life at the moment, but I am so, so excited for summer. I’m sick of having constantly cold feet and drinking so much tea that I feel like it is coming out of my ears. Lol… I want to wear summer dresses and vans and get a bit of a tan and feel slightly alive again – not have to cake on the tinted moisturiser lol…

School is also a lot better, but it just pretty full on, but I do feel a little bit more together about it all, so that’s good. I am so, so determined to just get on with it now and get it done that I think something pretty horrific would have to happen to make it any different. I just want it to be summer, so it can be done and dusted haha!!

I went out with Louise today and it was absolutely lovely. We literally didn’t stop talking all day and we spent lots of pennies, had some lunch and then raced back to the cars before Lakeside closed. I have had such a lovely day and it was totally worth all of the marking yesterday. Totally make sme want to just see friends and not do an awful lot else lol!

Anyway, I promise that I will be blogging some more things soon, but for now, I hope you are all having a superb January and making the most of it all J

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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