Hey guys!

I thought that I would do a little ‘catch-up’ blog for 2014 as I haven’t had a spare minute until now. 2014 has been bloomin’ marvellous. Things at school have improved massively and I definitely think that I am feeling a lot better about the whole thing, but don’t want to jinx it just yet. I am not going to say too much. As you know, I also bought myself a lovely car a couple of weeks ago, and I have generally stuck to all of my New Year’s Resolutions.

I was a vegetarian until the 22nd January 2014, where I completely gave in. I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely difficult for vegetarians to eat out and actually enjoy it. Other than pizza and some sort of strange vegetable roll, there is very little to offer vegetarians in a lot of restaurants, and this was the biggest part that I struggled with. It was sometimes so disheartening that I just didn’t bother to eat at all. The thought of more sweet potato mash put me off completely, and that’s never good. I didn’t get headaches or feel hungry, but I did start to lose my appetite completely, so I thought that I had better stop while I’m ahead. My plan is to continue to eat more vegetables, but have the odd bit of meat too. Some vegetarian options to cook at home have been lovely though and I will continue to eat those (like Marks and Spencer’s vegetable kievs, or Linda McCartney’s cheese plaits).

I have been doing my absolute best to keep up with my 365 project and I think that it is going okay. I do sometimes forget completely, and if I am having a stressful day or just a crazy busy one, I do wonder what or where I could take a picture as my life has just been work and marking that day, but I do like the idea of having a little time capsule. My plan is to get all of these printed eventually and keep them in a nice album – ‘My Year of 2014’. Good idea, right?

I hope that your January has been as good as mine has. Although I am working super hard still, I do feel so much better about everything. Before Christmas, if I’m completely honest, I was finding everything a little bit too much and I wasn’t sure if I had chosen to do the right thing or the right career at all, but it is slowly getting better and I am finding ways to balance out work and fun a lot more, so that’s always good J

Anyway, have a fantastic day and I will be speaking to you very soon,

Polly May xx

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