Goodbye January; Hello February


Before I start this blog, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has ever read/clicked onto my blog. I am so pleased that I am still able to blog when I can and that you go and have a look. My blog stats for January were a massive 1,579, which is pretty awesome (I only had 941 last year!), so thank you.

So, January turned out to be a very hectic month. After spending way too much, I thought it would be sensible to be a little bit careful with the old pennies, only to spend the most money I have ever spent. I bought my first ever car, which I am super pleased with, however, the windscreen cracked, so that was more money. It also needed to be fixed, which meant joining ‘Green Flag’ (who were absolutely fantastic and if you are not a member and you have a car, I highly recommend that you get it – my membership is only £4 a month and they literally saved my life this morning!) and paying for the parts it needed. Anyway, it ended up costing me quite a lot, but it is now how it should be and I am very pleased with it now it’s all fixed.

I also booked a holiday to Tunisia with a friend. Never been there, but thought it would be something exciting to. However, I was later rung by the company we booked with and told that the flight I had booked to get there had sold out and that they would have to cancel my booking completely, so no holiday for us. I am not really selling January am I?

No, but seriously, I am really happy at the moment and everything is going a lot better at work. Although not everything has gone completely to plan, I am doing all of the things that I said I would try and do in 2014. I have been a veggie, and am still eating way more vegetables than I was before, and I am generally looking forward to what’s coming next.

Who knows what February will have in store…?

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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