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So, I haven’t written a ‘Press Play’ for a while, so I thought I would do a little update. As you know, I am a total music crazy, but I have completely gone off of everything in the charts at the moment. I drive to work and I am certain that most radio stations play the same 8 songs on loop over and over again. Anyway, rant over, here’s my Press Play for March 2014:

1. Beyonce feat. Jay Z – ‘Drunk in love’

Can you actually believe that it is 10 years since Crazy in love was released. 10 YEARS! How is that even possible?! Anyway, obviously Beyoncé is a complete Queen, but I do adore Jay Z just as much, maybe even a tiny bit more, so this tune has been on a lot in my car recently. I love ’em!

2. Bastille feat. F*U*G*Z* – Killer

This tune is insane and I actually drove my entire journey with it on repeat the other day. I love it! I can’t quite put my finger on why, maybe because it reminds me of when I was younger, or maybe because it’s sung by the absolute delight that is Dan Smith. It’s hard to tell.

3. Kwabs – Right or Right

I love this song and the video for it is pretty good to. I’m not sure I came across it, but it’s awesome. I think it might have been on my little suggestions thing on youtube, but again, it’s pretty amazing.

4. Childish Gambino – 3005

This was one of those freebie ‘hey come and listen to me’ samples on my sister’s iTunes and once I heard it, I had to download it for myself :) What do you think?

5. Ella Eyre – Good luck (cover)

Other than having major hair envy of this woman, her voice is also incredible and I love her. I would literally love to have her hair, how is she that lucky? lol… Anyway, listen to this amazement.

So, there you have it, just a few from my current playlist. I hope you enjoy them and they cheer up your day haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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