Don’t be a stranger.


(Image from So, yesterday was a bit of manic day that turned out to be pretty brilliant. I went to the hospital with my Mum for her blood test first thing, before heading to School to drop off all of my marking and picking up my laptop (my memory to remember things that I need in order to get things done is shocking). We then popped to the shops to try and find something for me to wear to London to meet Hannah and Louise. Bought a lovely blue dress out of New Look, only to find later that it didn’t fit.

I ended up wearing a different dress with heeled ankle boots, frilly socks and leggings and set off to London, entailing all 26 stops of the district line to Victoria Station, where we ducked into a pub and decided to plan what we were going to do for the day while staying out of the rain.

We then hopped back onto the train and went back to Embankment. We went to Covent Garden for a mooch around, had some lunch with a lovely bottle of wine and then had a walk down to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, before ending up in another bar. Hannah went home and Louise & I stayed there until we realised that we had been in there for 3 hours. We wondered back to the station and I fell asleep on the train home.

It was so lovely to not watch the clock and not worry about whether I had to go anywhere or do anything. I could just sit and chat and catch up and not worry about anything. I definitely think that it was something that I needed and I really did have such a good time. Sometimes, you just need a few drinks and a good chat to make you happy.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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