This week has gone far too quickly!

me and megs

So, the first week of the Easter holidays is over and way too quickly if you ask me. This past week I have realised that I am still the same person that I was while at Uni. I know it might sound a little bit strange, but I was a little bit afraid of changing and adapting. So many people have told me (and are still telling me) that teaching is a way of life that I was frightened that I was going to start to let it take over. But, I haven’t!

I have had a fabulous week full of friends, family, trips to London for a few drinks and some lunch, dinners out with friends and lots of shopping. I went to London yesterday for the second time this week with Megan and we basically walked around the whole of the shopping area in London. From Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Street to Marble Arch to Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus to Regents Street and back down to Tottenham Court Road. It was such a good day and I haven’t laughed like that for ages! We just had a massive catch up and it was lovely because we hadn’t been out in ages. Was so, so good :)

I have also realised this week that I need to either join the gym, or start running or something. I have known this for a while, but there is a chance that I may be completing the Shine Marathon again this year, so I think that it is best to be prepared just in case. I am considering doing the BooTea detox as it looks pretty good and is affordable too! With that and a little bit of exercise, I am hoping that I will have a little bit more energy and feel a little bit more ready for the massive 26.2 miles (what am I thinking?).


My ‘100 happy days’ project is going really well!! I thought I would get bored of it, or forget to do it, but I think once you are doing something and you know that you have to take the photo, it just pops into your head. The Blue Cockerel in Trafalgar and one of me laughing at Megan made it into the album yesterday and today’s one was just me and Mum in my car with our sunnies on. I think it’ll be nice to print them all of at the end and put them in a nice album or something. It’s always nice to keep these things lol!

Anyway, I have an evening of organising myself a bit more for school. I suppose after a fabulous week, I kind of have to do some work (sigh!), but it’ll be worth it if I can have another week like this week. It’s been bloomin’ marvellous.

I hope that you are all planning lots for your evenings and weekends – how nice is it that the sunshine is making an appearance now?

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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