Girl Crush… (on repeat)

ella eyre

So, today has turned into a massively productive day with alllllll of my planning for Literacy pretty much done for the next 6 weeks! (Yes, I know, I’m awesome! haha!) I am struggling now though (3 more days to go! C’mon!!) and got a bit side-tracked…

I have become a little bit obsessed with Ella Eyre. Her voice, her hair (seriously, just look at her hair!), her style… everything really haha! She is ridiculously talented and she makes it look so easy and effortless. I wish I had a talent like that. I am gutted to not have seen her live – she is incredible. I friggin’ love her at the moment – in particular her ‘Deeper’ song. Amazing. Anyway, because I have been playing it all day while I’ve been planning, I thought it would nice to share this with you. Enjoy and you’re welcome haha!!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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