Hello May; Catch Up!


(Picture above of what I wore to go to Tinsel Town on Saturday night. Loving my Beyoncé hair – wish it was permanent)

So, it is May (and has been for the past 11 days!!)!! Apologies for my awfully long absence from you guys. I have just had so much going on. It was my birthday last Friday and I was well and truly spoilt! I got so many gifts and cards and presents and money and vouchers and everything from all the children in my class, before I came home to get pretty much everything that I had asked for. I then went out for drinks on my actual birthday night to a lovely little pub near where I live, Tinsel Town Diner on the Saturday night with Tasha and Bam (possibly the best burger place I have ever been to, I need to get a shake next time) and then I went to the 02 on the Sunday night for some cocktails and a little bit of food with Briony. It was honestly such a good weekend and then I had Bank Holiday Monday to recover before the crazy week at work. Thank you to anyone who got me something for reaching this grand old age haha!

Mumma May went to visit my Sister in Edinburgh this week, so I have been on Dad Duty, which basically involves all the boring house jobs and making sure that he has eaten! I’m making him sound like some sort of old man, but he is just very undomesticated haha! So, here we are, back to this weekend, which has consisted of pretty much nothing. I have caught up with all my marking and just chilled, ready for test week next week, which I am surprisingly more  worried about than I thought I would be.

Today (Sunday) I have decided that I am going to have to start watching what I eat in prep for the summer. The thought that I might actually need to put a bikini on in front of people literally terrifies me, so I am not eating any rubbish whatsoever. I am living on healthy foods like shredded wheat, fresh fruit and veg, cereal bars, dried fruit and lean meats and salads for dinner and that is all. I am also going to do stomach crunches every night and try to do some more exercise in prep for my marathon (yes, I’m thinking of doing it again), which is in September.

Right, I am off to watch some fims and continue my laziness before the health kick and crazy work starts tomorrow. This month, I am going to blogging about all sorts of things, so stay tuned and be sure to make sure that you are about. You can always follow me too, you know, if you would like to :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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