Calling all beaches!


So, it’s mid-May and I am still here in the UK with no plans to escape anytime soon. It is driving me mad that I can’t just go away and do what I want like I used to while studying at Uni. All part of growing up I suppose, but I would love to just book a last minute hot trip somewhere and just jump on a plane *Ahhh, those were the days lol!*

I would love to go somewhere completely different, but at the moment that’s not very sensible. I have made the pretty scary decision to start saving for a deposit on either a flat or a house, so I need to be really sensible with my money for a little while. Not that I’m not anyway, but you know what I mean :)

So, I am on the hunt for somewhere boiling hot, cheap accommodation and with a relatively short flight. Not a lot to ask for I don’t think. If you have got any ideas on where, or links or just general information then please do help me out. I am at a bit of a loose end.

I am not thinking of going anywhere until August time, so I still have a little while to choose, but I want it booked haha! I want to know that I have got sunshine on it’s way and it’s not all doom and gloom haha!

Bit of a shout-out one today really, but if you do know of anything to help me out, please comment and let me know :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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