Schoooooool’s out for half term!

schools out

So, school’s have broken up for another holiday. I can’t believe it’s the last one before the six weeks holidays! That is crazy! My first year is nearly over. I’m not going to lie though, it was pretty close this time. I am mentally, physically everything-ly exhausted which isn’t too much fun, but I can now sleep for like a million hours if I wanna, so I’m not going to moan.

You might have already noticed, but if you would like to and you are feeling rather charitable, I have got a sponsor button for my walk, just over there —> So, if you would like to help me raise lots and lots of pennies for walking through the night for Cancer Research, please go ahead and be sure to spread the word :)

I am still going strong on my 100 days of happiness challenge, but I have got to say that I do need to do more photographs because it is getting a bit status based, and that’s not s much fun. I am so excited about this week off, it’s unreal. I am making holiday plans and having dinner tomorrow night, possibly seeing Miss Joana for some breakfast, got London with the Uni Girls all booked in, getting my teeth cleaned (not so yay, but I’ve never had it done before and I am super excited about having pearly whites), marathon training with Miss Tasha and doing all things lovely in between :) It’s going to be totally awesome!!

I promise to keep you up to date with all things me, but for now I am determined to get some of this epically long to do list out of the way of my holidays… Fun times :/

Peace and love, Polly May xx



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