Oh, hello there June!

hello june

So, this morning has been pretty productive. I have sorted out everything that I needed to for work tomorrow. I needed to do some planning and spellings and boring stuff, but it’s all done, so I have the whole day to myself :) I am a little bit nervous actually because I have an observation tomorrow and it’s not brilliant to have an observation on the first day back from a week off. I really, really hope it goes okay…

How crazy is it that it is half way though the year?!?!? It’s JUNE?!?! When did that even happen?? This year is literally flying by and I feel like I am missing it a little bit. Definitely need to start booking some more things in and seeing a few more people. Although saying this, people would have to organise stuff, which doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I guess, you never know…

Anyway, I am just going to have a lazy one today people. I am doing the Airport run as Mum and Dad are going away, and then my plan is to do absolutely nothing haha! I have loved having this time off this week and it has really got me thinking about things. I mean, I now that I am not a work, work, work person, but school is kind of making me into this. I am determined to not let it.

Just wanted to check in with you guys! I hope you have a lovely, relaxed Sunday!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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