Keep Calm & Enjoy Summer.


So, it is SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! Here in the UK, well England anyway, we are in the middle of a heatwave! It’s such nice weather and although after every so often we have to have a thunderstorm and a bit of rain, it soon brightens up and I’m back outside. It has, however, made it difficult to train for my marathon because it is so fricking hot by the time I get going. Instead, I have been doing exercise classes at my local gym and going to Body Combat, which is like a martial arts type thing. It’s alright, just really, really quick! Lol!
I broke up from school on Wednesday and had a brilliant evening out with my work people. I laughed so hard that my cheeks actually hurt and the relief that I have passed my NQT year and I can just up my game and improve what I did this year is pretty exciting. I am really looking forward to trying out new things and seeing what works etc. but that’s enough about work – I just wanted you to know that I have officially finished and passed my NQT year! Can I get a WOOP WOOP!?!
So, the heatwave is real (I loved this picture), so I need to start making the most of the summer! Unfortunately, I do have to go into hospital to have wisdom teeth out, but other than this I have loads of fun stuff planned!! I have made a list of a certain amount of things that I definitely want to do – exactly as I said I would in this Alfie Deyes inspired blog! Why don’t you go ahead and try it out? Things can vary from really simple like eating an ice cream in the sunshine or going to your favourite restaurant to more extravagant things like going to the theatre, going on holiday or visiting family/friends that aren’t so close by. It’s a brilliant idea and I do love crossing things off of a list! Haha!
Anyway, I have decided that over the summer, I will be blogging a lot more and keeping you up to date. So, have a lovely Friday night.
Peace and love, Polly May xx

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