A Little Room Tour.

So, as part of my attempt to blog a little bit more this summer, I thought it might be fun to share some of my room with you! I have tidied up especially for you, so I thought I might as well share it with you! Haha! 
So, this is one end of my desk with my Ted Baker make up bag (which I can’t close, which is pretty annoying), some of my books and general bits and pieces. The photo frame is a photo of me and my Sister, when we went to see The Rolling Stones for their 50th Anniversary Tour. She is living in Scotland at the moment and has been blogging for much longer than me – go and check her out :) 
I’ve just realised that the little London thing also has a picture of my Sister and I, however, it was a lot older haha! I think this was our sibling primary school picture – I do love a scrunchy.  Then, just my make-up brushes and a ‘Sweet Dreams’ necklace that I made when I was about 19! (I miss being arty.)
P1010399This is my souvenirs/keepsakes/things/tickets/stubs/postcards etc. wall. I made the original board by painting it a plum colour and attaching ribbons across it so that I could tuck things onto it, but it kind of expanded across the wall. It has got everything on it; theater shows I’ve been to see, photos, postcards from people, festival tickets, train tickets from NYE, holiday drinks bills, poppies from poppy days, beer mats… it’s basically anything that I have had a good time doing haha!
I did think about taking it down once, but it has taken me so long to arrange it all nice up there that I don’t want to just have a blank wall lol… When I move out, I am going to have to start a new one, although I might do it in all different frames across one wall.
This is a painting that I did a couple of years ago. I found this Oscar Wilde quote and loved it so much that I made this! It took me quite a while as it’s all layers, so I had to wait for one layer to dry before I could do the next one. The flowers are fake flowers that I bought from a home store and I just cut the stems off and attached them with a glue gun.
blog 1
My jewelry lady with all my dangly earrings and then my friends and I used to collect shot glasses from whatever holiday we went on so I have got ones from New York (me), Canada (Joana), Turkey (me), Lisbon (Joana), Amsterdam (Joana) and Spain (Jack). I then decided that I didn’t want them to get ruined or whatever so filled them up with all of my stud earrings and bits and pieces :)
Then, just some of my DVD’s… yes, I love Only Fools and Horses and Harry Potter and any chick flick going and I really don’t care. Lol… 
blog2.jpeg copy
Then, I have two wiggly mirrors along one of the long walls. One end has neck things from my SHINE marathon, V Festival and Wireless Festivals. The other end has got a pretty butterfly that I used for a photography project and my 21 banner from my 21st birthday outing :)
I really do love my room. I am genuinely going to miss it when I (eventually) do move out. It has taken me ages to get it how I wanted it and when I first moved here when I was 16, it was just a shell of beige for absolutely ages (mine was the last room to get decorated and finished), so it’s nice to get it how I want it :)
I thought it would be nice to do something a little bit different today – so, there you are, a little room tour and a few things you won’t have seen before. I hope that it was fun, I actually really enjoyed making this one for you! 
Peace and love, Polly May xx

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