Poppies at The Tower Of London.

I typed this on Tuesday night and forgot to upload (haha!):
So, tomorrow I am going into hospital for the first time ever. Nothing major, but something equally terrifying; I am having all of my wisdom teeth removed. There is definitely something about teeth and people tampering with them that I really, really don’t like. Anyway, before I go in, I thought I would blog as I don’t have a clue what sort of a state I’ll be in.
Here are some of the pictures from my day out yesterday I London. We only went up there for a few hours as I had to get back Togo out last night, but the poppies were absolutely amazing and something that if you live in or near London, you must make the effort and go and see. It’s something that you’ll never see again.
It is crazy to think and I am quite ashamed to say that I don’t know an awful lot about the First World War, however I am promising myself that I will find out more in time for Poppy Day. After all, it’s all of our history and it’s important to know what happened before us.
I am now four teeth lighter and I have got to say that it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. I am not in any pain at all and have not yet taken any of the multiple pills that they issued me with. I am going to take the antibiotics to make sure that it doesn’t get infected as that won’t be pretty, but otherwise I’m fine. It has blown up a little bit today and I look a tad like a hamster, but overall I am fine. Just going to take it easy and do some bits and bobs for school that I have been putting off while I watch movies :)
Peace and love, Polly May xx

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