The Inbetweeners 2 Review


Like every other person in the world, I loved the TV series when it was on the telly. I watched it each week, eventually buying them on DVD and going to see the first movie at the cinema. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and the second in the sequel did not disappoint.

I think that the first movie had such a lot to live up to because it was such a huge hit and absolutely everyone was talking about it, but the second one definitely had moments were it was just as funny. It did, however, seem a little bit strange to imagine the four main actors as their characters, knowing that they are now grown up, married and some of them have children, but it was funny all the same. Jay was still as extravagant with his stories, Will was still as nerdy, Simon was still as frustrated and Neil was still just as simple (ha!).


The story is based on the idea that Jay is on a gap year, travelling Australia. He sends Neil an email, claiming that he has got loads of Shelia’s, a mansion and that he is a top DJ in Sydney. Of course, the other three decide to go and see him, so off they fly, only to discover that it was a load of lies and that his mansion turns out to be a tent pitched on his Uncle’s front garden. The movie then takes it’s own route, when the four of them decide to travel around Australia.Β The funniest scenes for me were Will’s singing by the camp fire (I was literally in tears in the cinema) and the scene with Neil’s irritable bowels at Splash World. Again, I looked like a complete loon in the cinema.

I’m not sure if the reviews saying that it is better than the first movie are right, but it is still really, really good. The characters are all the same, and how you would want them to be, with a few twists and turns and the story is really good. Of course, some of it doesn’t match up to the first movie, but I suppose that’s always going to be difficult when the first movie is such a ridiculous world-wide hit.

On a quick note, have any of you seen the Inbetweeners USA? Saw the trailer for it the other day on the telly. Is it a weird idea or a genius one? I’m not too sure. Lol.

Anyway, go and see the film if you get a chance. It really is funny.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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