Summer Playlist 2014 / I’m branching out!!

So, this summer has been pretty amazing for tunes! So, I thought I would share some of the songs that I have been obsessing with haha! It’s strange how your music tastes change as you get older and I think that I like quite good music, so here goes…

I am still obsessed with Ella Eyre (and her hair). She has got some really good tunes and I was surprised that she released ‘If I Go’ as her debut single as I think some of the others I’ve heard (like ‘Deeper’, ‘Love me like you’ and ‘Going on’) are more soulful and more her. However, ‘Comeback’ is pretty amazing and I cannot stop myself from listening to it. Click ‘play’ – you won’t regret it!

I blogged about this song a little while ago, but have literally listened to this non-stop since. It’s my summer tune! Plus, it is super amazing to drive along to full blast :) I haven’t been able to find anything that sounds similar and I have no idea what this sort of music is called (is it ‘trap music?’), so if you know, please comment below so that I can find some more music that I like – I’m branching out! Lol!

Unfortunately, this song wasn’t released ‘officially’ because it was on Justin Timberlake’s second 20/20 album, but I am obsessed with it. I have added it to my Summer playlist and it is definitely one that I have grown to love. I don’t even know if it well known or not, but it’s awesome and that’s all that matters.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Polly May music blog without a bit of Jay Z! This song is INSANE! I absolutely love it. Sitting listening to it on the aeroplane looking out of the window at the beautiful clouds and sky, what more could I want? It is pretty amazing and I am currently working on his rap (HA!), as well as his verse in ‘Clique’. Not even joking.

So, this song has also been on my Summer playlist. It’s pretty awesome and I am sure that you’ve already heard it on the radio. I hope that they aren’t just a one hit wonder because I really like their music and their voices.

I wasn’t so keen on Lorde and if I am completely honest, the radio stations played ‘Royals’ so much that, in the end, I started to hate it. HOWEVER, I loved ‘Team’ and had it on constantly in my car and then I found this little gem! It’s ridiculously good and I grown to now love it, and her. Ha!

I hope you have liked some of the tunes/links. I think that it is always good to share and talk about music to keep it going. Music is literally an insane thing that can make or break your mood and I think that my music tastes have really adapted recently as I was quite bored with listening to ‘chart music’ all of the time. I do realise that some of these are still ‘chart music’ or just remix versions, but I am definitely not listening to the normal boring music that I used to all the time and that’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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