“Oh, ‘ello Edinburgh!”

National Museum of Scotland

I have officially made it to half term and, if I’m honest, I did have the thought of whether I would or not! I have been in Edinburgh, visiting my Sister for the last few days, which has been lovely. We didn’t really do much of the unusual ‘touristy’ things this time as I had seen them all from when I went to visit her before. So here’s what we did…

After possibly the shakiest and scariest flight I have ever been on (and I fricking love flying!) I arrived in a very windy Edinburgh Airport, grabbed myself a Costa and jumped on the 100 bus into the city centre, where I was meeting Terri. We walked back to her new house (which is lovely and so much nicer than her old place!), dumped my suitcase and went to a little pub called ‘Mash Tun’ for some breakfast. Afterwards, we went to the National Museum of Scotland, which reminded me a little bit of the Natural history Museum as it was full of stuffed animals, skulls and other historical artefacts. After losing a few hours, we headed back to her house to get ready to go out for dinner. I also got to meet her new housemate, Kirsty, who’s Scottish and lovely. Lol… We had a little chat over a nice cup of tea (it’s still so strange to me that Terri even drinks tea), before the three of us set out to a lovely little Italian restaurant. The food was insane and so, so tasty. I had lasagne and garlic bread and inhaled the lot. It was a really lovely meal.


The next day, we decided to go to ‘Just the Ticket’ for breakfast. It is a small, but very lovely café just by where she lives. It kind of reminded me of people London and I think it would be a lovely place to just go and lose a few hours with a good book. Once we were all full up, we headed up Calton Hill (yes, I did just google ‘Hills in Edinburgh’ haha!), which had some lovely views of Edinburgh and the old fashioned architecture. We then headed down and went for a wonder which didn’t really stop until about 2pm, where we stopped off for a hot chocolate and the Museum of Edinburgh. I wasn’t overly impressed by this museum as I thought it could have told people more about the actual city, rather than things that had been found/left behind – “Here’s a wooden piece of roof”, but I did like the information about where the different classes would have lived and it kept us out of the rain.

me and terri at thriller

That evening, I had my first ever Thai meal, before heading see the touring musical show of ‘Thriller Live’. I had no idea what it would be like, but I did think it would be similar to shows such as ‘Mamma Mia’ or ‘We will rock you’. A good storyline with the songs thrown in along the way. It wasn’t at all. It was a group of four singers, singing different Jackson songs, and I have to say that I am not sure if they were up to scratch or not. Michael Jackson is a huge task for anyone to take on, and I do think that if you’re leading an entire show of him, you need to be insanely good!

On the last day (yesterday), we had breakfast indoors, watched Mean Girls and waited for the ridiculous amount of rain to stop. It didn’t, so we headed out with our brollies up and our hoods on and went into the city for a last mooch around the shops. It was nice and after a very tasty lunch at ‘Chimichanga’s’, we headed back, grabbed my suitcase and I was back at the Airport before I knew it. I had a lovely time and it was lovely to see Terri for a while. It’s annoying that our working hours don’t ever match up. I really do like Edinburgh as a city because it isn’t as crazy busy as some cities I’ve been to. It’s more relaxed, and people seem a lot friendlier than in London.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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