Christmas trips to London


Okay, as you probably already know, I absolutely love love LOVE London (Like, seriously, look at that picture!)! Especially when it is filled with Christmas lights and tinsel and baubles haha! I literally love it! I went to Winter Wonderland the other day, and if you don’t already know, it’s basically a massive fun fair with rides and food stalls and a craft market. Oh, and you can ice skate there too! I went with my friend Jodie, who had never been (it is on every year in Hyde Park, London) and we had such a great day. We did Harrods, which I still don’t understand what the fuss is about, and we did Selfridges and Covent Garden and Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and basically everywhere! Haha!





I then went back to London with my friend Briony and had the best day! We grabbed a Starbucks (obviously!) and went to Spitalfields Market because Briony had never been and then we braved Oxford Street 4 days before Christmas. I managed to buy myself a heap of stuff and even managed to get myself a new handbag! It was a lovely girlie day and was finished perfectly by and nice meal and walk through London to get back to the station. Unfortunately I didn’t take one photo all day, which is a shame, but I did go back up to London again and I remembered photos this time…

On the 22nd, I met up with my girls from University and we went for a mooch along the river, around Buckingham Palace and then found a lovely little pub in Piccadilly. We then headed for wine and dinner and I must say, we were very sophisticated lol. It was honestly a lovely day and probably the last time I will be up there to see London in its Christmassy glory!





Peace and love, Polly May xx


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