Goodbye 2014: What I did.

So, I have never done a ‘looking back at the year’ thing like this before, but I thought it might be fun and help me to look forward and decide what I want to do next…


So, as my number one New Years’ resolution, I bought myself my first ever car that was 100% mine. I was so happy the day I went to pick it up and I still absolutely love it! (I’ve just used a picture of my car and not a picture of my actual car for obvious reasons! Haha!)



In February, I think I was just exhausted from work and, although I did have February half term, I think I was sleeping for most of it. However, I did dye the ends of my hair pink (you can kind of see it) and I went to the V&A for the day with Briony.



March was a crazy work-busy month; I went on my first school trip with my class, took part on my first strike action day, said goodbye to my year group teacher and celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday. I also wished my lovely big sister a very happy 27th birthday. It was strange to have her not at home for her birthday as this is only the 2nd one that I’ve missed (She was in Australia for the other one).




I had my Easter holidays from school and spent it with friends – had an awesome day at Southend with Tasha and Bam which included playing mini golf for the first time ever and watching Disney/Pixar films at home with Broadie and Kia! I also went to London for the day with Megs, which was lovely because I don’t get to see her that much anymore (stupid work!).




In May, I attended a Macmillian Night In and raised a ridiculous amount of money for the charity, as well as a charity beauty night. I booked my holiday for the summer, went to London with Hannah and Louise and started my marathon training with a 10 mile walk with Tasha. I also celebrated my 24th birthday (urgh, I hate being this old!) with all of my friends. It was pretty awesome because I managed to make my birthday last a week with trips to the pub, dinners out, trips to the O2 for drinks and, of course, a trip into London to meet up with my Uni Girls! Thank you to everyone that made it so awesome!




In June, I experienced my first ever OFSTED inspection, I wrote my first ever school reports for my children, I saw 22 Jump Street and Cuban Fury, saw my friend Joana for a lovely chinese and catch up (I don’t get to see her an awesome lot anymore :(), my Sister came home for a weekend for her friend’s wedding, I met up with Emma for Pizza Express, spent the day in London with Mum, went out for drinks, brought Louise and Hannah to Essex (aka The Dark Side) for the first time and found out that I would be needing to have all of my wisdom teeth removed… All in all, it was a really chaotic month. So chaotic that I didn’t manage to take an awful lot of pictures haha!


In July, after what can only be described as the hardest, most draining (academic) year of my entire life, I passed my NQT year!! There were definitely times that I didn’t want to go to work or be a teacher at all, but I managed to keep going and I am kind of a little bit proud of myself. There was a very big part of me that wanted to just give up. Here’s all my thank you presents from my class on the last day:



In August, I went away to Lanzarote for a few days with my friend Briony for a well-earned rest and lots of sunshine. It was so lovely to go back, as I used to go quite a lot when I was younger. Although we stayed in a completely different area, I managed to make it back to Puerto Del Carmen, which is where we used to stay for a lot of our Christmas holidays. Yay for the biero fero plaza and the cheap Zara shop! Haha!

Oh, I also had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out, making it my first ever operation, first time wearing a stupid gown, first time flashing a doctor, and first time of being completely knocked out. I won’t add the pictures I took of the stitches/healing process as that would be gross – I just found it interesting to watch haha!




In September, I went back to work and met my new class! I completed my full marathon of 26.2 miles around London at night with my friend Tasha. It was all for Cancer Research UK, and although it was a struggle at times, I managed to raise £516, which was above my target and enough to buy 2, yes 2, microarray machines, which I am over the moon about! I also still managed to get up on the Monday and go to work!

I also went to see the poppies at the Tower of London and even made my own version out of recycled plastic bottles at my school. It was a pretty amazing thing to see.




This month, I went to see ‘Made in Dagenham’ in London and went to a Breast Cancer Night In. I had my first half term after starting back in September and I can honestly say that I needed the break. It celebrated a year of being graduated and I decided to book up my flights and go and visit my sister in her new pad in Edinburgh for a few days. We went and did all the touristy things and also went to see the show Thriller, which was one of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen, without it being intentional. Here’s us at the top of a hill:



I returned home from Edinburgh, went to a Christmas Fayre, auditioned children for my first ever Christmas production, celebrated my friend’s 60th birthday at work, went to Freeport where I got some absolute bargains, had lots of observations at work, met up with Louise, Hannah, Briony and Jodie, went to see Nativity 3 at the cinema with Team Bitchface, my parents went to Edinburgh to attend my sister’s graduation for her masters degree and I started the dreaded Christmas shopping (I need to be more organised next year)!


So, this month, I have been to London, met up with all my friends for Christmas and put on my first ever Christmas play as a qualified teacher. It has been a manic month, but I have made it and I am really loving the rest for Christmas – all prepped and ready to go! Merry Christmas everyone!




I hope you enjoyed this post! I have actually really loved putting it all together and finding the different things for the different months! It’s made me realise that because of work and other things in my life, I am doing things but missing how lucky I am to have my life – Number One NYR for 2015: Be grateful for every single person in my life.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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