A funny, old week so far.


It’s been a funny, old week. It was a Teacher Training Day on Monday, then I went back to school on Tuesday (which has been just as crazy as before regardless of all my prep work! Boo!), then, Wednesday I went to see ‘The Theory of Everything’ at the pictures and then Thursday was a pretty rubbish day at work, until…. I got home and MY SISTER TOTALLY SURPRISED ME AND WAS SITTING ON THE SOFA! (She did send me a little picture of the ‘arrivals’ sign at the airport and then wouldn’t pick up the phone, so I had an inkling haha! But still!) So, yeah, it has been nice to see her and spend time with her and forget about work stuff and things for a couple of days. She is home until Wednesday, but she’s out a look so I might not get the see her as much as I would want to, but hey, at least she’s home and we’ve already been out for a meal, swapped Christmas presents, been to see my Auntie Jean and done a bit of shopping. The plan is to go and do something tomorrow, just us, so that’ll be nice.

I will be posting a review of the amazement that was ‘The Theory about Everything’ tomorrow and, of course, my Weekly give up, which was chocolate and biscuits this week! I hope that you’ve all had an awesome week full of surprises too!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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