Weekly Give Up: Bread.

weekly give upSo, this week I got a bit confused. For some reason, I thought that I had given up bread and chocolate and I have been craving a bit of chocolate all week, before I finally gave in and had some chocolate cake and a chocolate finger or five at work, while marking. I felt awful and have been really, really annoyed with myself. It is only as I am typing this that I looked back at last week’s ‘Weekly Give Up’ and found that it was actually only bread that I had to give up after all, so that’s alright. So, bread…

The bread has gone well. I have only had one burger bun when I got a surprise lunch from my sister and mum at work (which was actually really lovely of them!) before my sister went back to Edinburgh. But that’s totally allowed right? I didn’t technically buy it or choose it and I wouldn’t have had any lunch otherwise haha! So, other than that I have done well. I took some homemade soup (Tomato and Pearl Barley made by my Sister), along with porridge pots and salad. It has been surprisingly easy to not take sandwiches everyday for work and has saved me heaps of time in the morning, so it’s been all good.

Next week I will giving up: sleep! No, I’m joking!! Lol! Although work is mental at the moment. For real though, next week I will be giving up: bringing work home! every single night for the past week, I have brought 46 books home to mark, ready for the next day and then that’s it. My evening is gone. So, I’m going to stay at work and do what I need to, but anything that isn’t done, isn’t done. It’s that simple. Fingers crossed I don’t stress myself out and I can stick to it. I think it’s going to be tricky.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

3 thoughts on “Weekly Give Up: Bread.

  1. Work should stay at work! Unless you are required to take things home, there is no reason for you to do so, other than to soak up all your time! :)

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