Press Play.


So, today I thought it might be fun to do something about music. Music is an insanely important part of my day and totally sets my mood, so here’s a few tunes that I have been listening to lately…

First one up is: Taylor Swift with ‘Blank Space’. Like hundreds of thousands of other people, I do think that Taylor Swift is a bit of a guilty pleasure. She’s the type of artist that you kind of make out you don’t listen to and then her song comes on the radio and it goes completely out of the window as you belt out ‘I remember when we broke up, the first time’ and do a little ‘one’ motion with your finger! Haha! Anyway, I think ‘Blank Space’ is her latest song. It’s been out a while, but I am still loving it! Haha!


Secondly, I’ve been listening an awful lot to George Ezra and his song ‘Budapest’. I didn’t realise how gorgeous his voice was and although I am a bit slow on finding this out, I definietly think that it’s a better late than never kind of situation haha! It’s amazing, so amazing that I am going to have a little hunt for his album when I’m next out and about. I can’t stop listening to it.


I really like Philip George’s remix song, ‘Wish you were mine’. It’s quite catchy and it is definitely a morning tune to cheer you up on the way to work (which I have needed an awful lot this week!). Haha! It’s not my normal liking of dancey music, but it’s so feel good that it’s allowed :) The video is pretty amazing too!


I was never very keen on Sia. Even when my sister really did try and make me like her – my mum and sister actually went to see her once and I couldn’t have been less bothered! Lol! But….. I have grown to actually really like her and I particularly like ‘Chandelier’. It’s so darn catchy! Especially the bit where it goes “one, two, three, one, two, three, drink’ – you know the bit I mean. So here it is…


Back to the dancyness… ‘Promesses’ by Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor. This definitely has a bit of a Rudimental kind of a feel to it and it really reminds me of the song they did with John Newman called ‘Not giving in’. I do like a good song that makes you feel good, and this definitely does!


And finally, I was clicking around on YouTube, looking for something a bit different and I came across a complete and utter gem! ‘Want that old thing back’ by The Notorious BIG (Matoma Remix) is so, so good and so, so chilled. I found loads of Matoma remixes on there, but this one was definitely my favourite one! It’s so good in the car and even better when you can sing along to that little bit of Biggie and get all the words in. Haha! (We all do it, don’t make out that I’m the only one that practices rapping in the car on my own!) Definitely worth a download :)


So, there you have it. I hope that there’s something on here that you like and that you’re going to go away and listen to. They are all pretty amazing, if I’m honest :) Is there anything that you think I would like that is a bit similar to any of these? I am in the mood for finding good music at the moment, rather than the normal six songs that come on the radio every morning (does anyone else find that?).

Peace and love, Polly May xx


4 thoughts on “Press Play.

  1. I honestly have no idea what’s on the radio any more! We use Pandora or USB for music (our car stereo has the ability to plug in a USB drive – very awesome!). So whenever I’m out and about, I have a playlist of about 50 songs that I shuffle through. Much better than listening to the radio, ha!

  2. Thanks for these tips, I always struggle to find some GOOD new music. Because shitty music abounds in the industry nowdays, so I always have to surf the net hours for something that doesn’t make my ears bleed.

    1. I’m pretty much the same and I do like to find a little remix of something that doesn’t sound like the original… But then I have Taylor Swift on here (guilty pleasure) Ha! There are some really good British artists around at the moment though :) xx

      1. I used to really hate TSwift when she wrote about boys like they were demigods, but I like this more womanly, more confident, more diva-like TSwift. The effortlessness femininity is enviable I think. I love her new music though. :)

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