First World Problems.


So, I have a bit of a problem. I absolutely love being warm and snuggly and cosy at this time of year. I also love a nice statement necklace, however, I then look in the mirror and I realise that I just look like a giant marshmallow. Haha! So, I am basically writing this blog to ask if you girlies have any sort of things that you do to make jumpers look nice?

Obviously I am talking about thick, fluffy, warm jumpers and not thin jumpers, and I just feel like they look lovely on the hangers and they are so, so warm! But, they are possibly the biggest thing that I hate about winter and the cold and fashion at this time of year. Also, I can only really wear these sort of jumpers with jeans, but would love to wear them to work as my classroom is freezing!

This is definitely the most first world problem blog I have ever, ever posted, but it is a dilemma, and this is my blog about my life… Soooooo, yeah. Haha!

Peace, love and randomness, Polly May xx

7 thoughts on “First World Problems.

  1. I bought a sleeveless fur “sweater” that I wear with a long-sleeved black top. The other thing I do is that I buy really tight sweaters made out of various fabrics, usually shiny white ones or other bright colors. I don’t usually wear statement necklaces, but I think they would look with thick Winter dresses. Why don’t you try buying one of those? Otherwise, I don’t think statement necklaces go well with the sweaters you’re describing. xoxo

    1. I like the idea of a thicker dress and it would look nice with some nice leather boots. I’m not sure that tight jumpers would suit me, or if I would have the confidence to wear them. I think I might look for some more coloured ones though and forget the necklace… worth a try! :) Thanks for the comment xx

      1. Hmm it depends on your physique but they usually look good on everyone. With some jeans and soft makeup and curls it can look really classy. I usually wear them with boots and they still look very feminine and cute imo. xx

      2. I’m going to keep my eye out for some nice winter dresses and I’ll do a little haul if I find anything else nice, maybe. Could be quite good… Aww thanks for the idea! xx

  2. Haha I actually love this post since I feel similarly – always cold! My tricks consist of wearing blazers instead of cardigans (so much thicker and warmer), belting super fluffy sweaters over the top, buying a fluffy sweater a size up so that it looks intentionally large and wearing it with tight pants or leggings, or tucking it in to a high waisted skirt. I’d love to hear if any of these options work out for you! I also hope you’ll visit my blog!

    1. As I am sitting here now, I’m in a massive old hoodie that I found at the back of my cupboard (not a great look – Haha!) I like the idea of blazers and I guess that they’ll look a lot smarter than cardigans for work. Thank you for all of your ideas – I just feel like I needed to make more of an effort, you know? Had a look at your blog and I love that grey Tinley Road blazer look… really simple, but really pretty! Thanks for your comment :) xx

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