Barcelona: Getting there and first thoughts.


So, my trip to Barcelona began early on Wednesday morning. We picked my friend up and I arrived at the airport for the easiest flight that I think I have ever been on (I went in one door, out of another and onto the plane), and at 10:25, we were off!

After one hour and forty minutes, we arrived at Barcelona Aeroport (El Prat) and made our way to the train station to buy our ticket into the centre of town. However, there was a slight confusion and we ended up being sent back and fourth before a very helpful travel assistant lady explained to us that the Aeroport ticket wasn’t included as a metro ticket and we needed to go back to the station (third time lucky) and pick up an orange city ticket, which cost €4.10. Eventually we jumped on the correct train and five stops later we arrived at Clot, where our hotel was located just a couple of minutes from the station.

We stayed at the ‘Acta Ink606’ and it was probably one of the best bits of the holiday. The rooms were spotless with a safe, TV and breakfast buffet every morning included in the very reasonable price we had paid. We received fresh, clean towels and bedding every day and the reception staff were more than happy to help us with any ‘tourist’ things regarding where things were in the city etc. I honestly can’t think of one thing to moan about (and the breakfast was pretty amazing!). I would 100% recommend it!



We dumped our suitcases and made our way into the city centre, where we found a beautiful corner restaurant called ‘Picasso’s cafe’, which was right opposite the famous ‘Sagarda Familia’ Cathedral (We will come back to this). We sat, ate pizza, drank coca cola and planned our ‘must do’ spots for the next few days.

The city reminded me of the ‘olden’ feel that Paris has, with its tiled pavements, grand buildings and, almost, squashed looking apartment blocks everywhere. It also has a sense of ‘laid-back-ness’ with benches, parks, playgrounds and cafes on every corner, which I kind of loved. No one seemed to be worried about anything. There was no panic, which I think was the thing that shocked me the most. I expected it to be more of a ‘show-off’ city than it seemed to be.




Afterwards, we went walking around the town and stumbled upon the Arc de Triomf and the Parc de la Ciutadella (which we ended up calling Cinderella’s park because it was easier). The greenery was gorgeous and this was also where Barcelona Zoo was situated. We decided to just keep wondering as it was our first night in the city and while still in the park, we found a massive statue of a mammoth hidden in the trees. It was so strange, but was so well suited to where it was – it was strange. We then spotted the most stunning water fountain/waterfall that I think I have ever seen! It was a Gaudi piece, with golden horses, extravagant gold column and a stunning staircase up to the top. That night, we headed back to the hotel, watched some Spanish TV and just chilled. We had a supermarket right underneath our hotel, so it was perfect for midnight snacks, sweets and ginormous bottles of mango and tropical juice.

Peace and love,

Polly May xx


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