Barcelona: Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Las Ramblas


After a full nights sleep and our first breakfast at the hotel (totally amazing) we were ready to tourist it up! We had been a little bit lost with where to start, so we used our social media and asked people where they recommended – #1: Sagrada Familia.

On first impressions, I actually thought that the exterior of the building was quite ugly. I remember saying to my friend that it actually looked like the cement/stone was melting and it had little beauty. But, oh my goodness, I was wrong. We queued up for about an hour and after getting our tickets and audio headphone guide things (yes, we were proper tourists), we walked up to the cathedral for real. It was stunning, and when I say stunning, I mean it was properly beautiful. The detail and the meanings of every single like pattern/window/entrance/shape was unbelievable.




The interior, in my opinion, was even better than the outside. It was gorgeous, with its white simplicity and multicoloured sunlight beaming through! I messaged my mum afterwards and said the I honestly couldn’t believe that it was a real place. It was just an incredible scale of detail and precise attention that left me wondering around, staring for about 3 hours!

We competed the audio tour (along with a small school building that goes with) and visited the gift shop – it would have been rude not to – before we headed to Starbucks to get me a hot chocolate! Haha! Oh, I should mention that my entry and audio thing was €19.50 and was worth every single cent!




We then went to the train station nearby and bought ourselves a 2 day metro card. We figured that we would be able to see more and it would be easier to jump on and off wherever we wanted. These tickets cost us €14 (which is around £10). We went all the way up to the station closest to Parc Guell! Be warned as you reach the Parc, the road are literally vertical and some roads even have outside escalators to help you! It is totally worth it though and the road we went up even had a little pizza cafe at the top (slab of pizza and a drink for €4.50), so we grabbed some lunch and had a little picnic in the park! Haha! We wondered around for a few hours before we headed back to the hotel to get changed for Las Ramblas!




Now then, Las Ramblas was described to me and my friend as the sort of place you had to go, especially of a night time. I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t know why. I was expecting music and dancing and street performers and a bit of an atmosphere. There were some lovely cafes, but I would say that majority of the Main Street was filled with tacky souvenir shops and 40 of the same tapas restaurants, which was a shame because I had hyped it up in my head. We went to the main section Snd had tapas, spaghetti bolegnese/paella and a large hug of sangria (Entire meal = €13, Sangria = €22 ha!) before going home and falling straight to sleep! Las Ramblas was definitely overrated in my book!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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